These are the ducks I helped rescue today.  The top two are of Mom Duck hiding under a bush with most of her babies while the helpful but loud humans tried to find the last two, and the last is of all ten ducklings following mommy away from the scene of their harrowing adventure.  Bad phone pictures, but, when you’re in the heat of the moment trying to help out a mother and children in need, you don’t stop to take a selfie with one of the fuzzy birdlings in your hands. 

They were so soft though.  So soft and fragile.  But so strong, to go through such an ordeal unhurt.  I hope they can all grow up healthy and have good duck lives.  Be careful out there, Mom Duck!

My friend is a duck-saving hero! (I like how you can tell one of the ducklings is soaking wet, and that is the Rebel duckling who wouldn’t come and be rescued the normal way and had to have an Adventure)

That last duckling had SUCH an adventure. When it came out of the pipe into the pond it was like “nope not gonna get in your nets, I am wild and free, yolo!” And swam into the center of the pond. It was so strong, I couldn’t believe how good a swimmer it was. It thought it could evade nets by going to the other side but humans run faster than ducks swim and so capture was inevitable. Yolo Swimduck will have a story to tell the rest of its life.


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