‘She held out a skein of wool. The robber took it uncertainly, aware of the grins on the faces of his men. But he opened his arms with what he hoped was a suitably evil little-does-she-suspect look on his face. “That’s right,” said the old woman, standing back. She kicked him viciously in the groin […]

Next on the list is The Last Hero, with its beautiful illustrations and fun mix of characters. I read this book aloud to Bast shortly after PTerry passed last year, and my reading ended up full of tangents to explain who people are and to tell some of their stories. It helped me back then, […]

This flower just…showed up, by our parking lot. It wasn’t there this morning, and I have not observed such a thing growing there at any time. It is not in a pot, as you can see, and the dirt and mulch around it don’t look freshly disturbed. It’s beautiful, and I think it must have […]