omg why do white ppl love cheese so mu-






I actually didnt know that

The answer is apparently “because we’re actually able to eat it”

Fun fact: white people (specifically Northern European white people) have a genetic mutation that allows them to digest lactose even after weaning, which is abnormal for all mammals and also most humans. It’s theorized that because Northern Europe doesn’t get a lot of sun, an alternative source of vitamin D (like milk) would be a useful trait. It’s a very recent mutation that would only have happened after humans started domesticating animals like cows and goats.

Actually, it’s a mutation that happened three separate times in three different populations. Northern Europe, the Middle East, and a select population in.. East Africa, I think?

One big explanation for why these populations have lactase persistence is livestock and famine. If you can drink milk when there’s a famine and little else to eat, you’re way more likely to survive than those that can’t.


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“Replaying Undertale on my New and Better and Faster Computer and just…”

Haha, this is exactly how my computer handled the Muffet battle too. It also would slow down when you start to crank up the heat while fighting Pyropes.

I WISH my computer would’ve slowed things down for Pyropes because they ALWAYS KILL ME.  The pair of them together, anyway.  Guaranteed to kill me at least once.  At least one Aaron always kills me too and now I’m off topic.


Imagine your OTP in a Beauty and the Beast situation. Person A is trapped in Person B’s castle, unaware that the only way they can get out is if they fall in love.

OT3 Bonus: Person C has been in the castle for a long time, and cannot fall in love with Person B on their own.

Bast:  Okay but.  Just tell me.  Would you rather have stomach flu for a week or go back to your old job for a week?
Me:  *instantly*  Stomach flu.  Definitely.  And you wanna know why?
Me:  Because if I had stomach flu now, everybody at my job would be understanding and I’d get better in a week.
Me:  But if I had to go back to my old job for even just one week, I can 100% guarantee you.
Me:  That someone would be a bitch to me.