Mom:  I got lost taking my friend to her doctor appointment in Philly because she said she knew how to get there and she didn’t, and the phone’s GPS wasn’t loading on Google maps and I was really getting worried and flustered, but we got here.
Me:  Can you retrace your steps to get home?
Mom:  No, I think we were on some one-way streets and I just don’t remember!
Me:  Okay, I’ll help.  It’s [hospital] right?  Okay, I’ll get you directions while you wait for her and text them so it won’t matter if your phone GPS isn’t working.
Mom:  Thanks!
Me:  *spends 20 minutes of time I could’ve spent getting work done, getting directions and meticulously providing step by step instructions on how to get home, including landmarks taken from Google’s street view*  There you go, just follow that and you’ll get back safe.
Mom:  Thanks. 

Me:  So you got home, good, you found everything in my instructions okay?
Mom:  No my friend said she knew the way and then we got lost again lol.


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