* The yeti of the Ramtops, where the Discworld’ magical field is so intense that it is part of the very landscape, are one of the few creatures to utilize control of personal time for genetic advantage.  The result is a kind of physical premonition–you find out what is going to happen next by allowing it to happen.  Faced with danger, or any kind of task that involves risk of death, a yeti will SAVE its life up to that point and then proceed with all due caution, yet in the comfortable knowledge that, should everything go pancake-shaped, it will wake up at the point where it saved itself with, and this is the important part, knowledge of the events which have just happened but which will not now happen because it’s not going to be such a damn fool next time.  This is not quite the paradox it appears because, after it has taken place, it hasn’t happened.  All that actually remains is a memory in the yeti’s head, which merely turns out to be a remarkably accurate premonition.

Terry Pratchett, “Thief of Time”
(In which yetis approach life like it’s a video game.)

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