honestly there are so many shitty ocs in the iz fandom i just want to do something RIGHT 

like in other fandoms im a tad more lax, ‘cause there either a) aren’t a lot of folks making ocs so i slip past the radar or b) the people making ocs are generally making decent ones so there isn’t a stigma around it

but theres almost a stereotype that irken ocs are Universally Bad so i am 100% PARANOID (which sucks because i have a Mighty Need to fill in the worldbuilding gaps in canon, that never got filled bc the show was cancelled. i want more content regarding irken culture and created my own story about irkens to create it.)

Listen listen listen making IZ fancharacters doesn’t have to be more stressful than in any other fandom despite that “they all suck” stereotype. In fact at least on tumblr I haven’t even seen very much of that kind of judgment and shaming! Every so often a “rate my Irken OC” blog will appear and then die down pretty quick, and even most of those that I’ve seen have been more about giving “advice” than tearing anybody down. (PS you don’t have to listen to anything such blogs say if you don’t agree with their headcanons and/or rigid insistence that only things already depicted in canon are allowed.)

I am saying this as someone who has been more or less active in the IZ fandom (less active publicly now) since late 2001: Making Irken fancharacters is hella fun, and since there ARE so many holes in the worldbuilding, a LOT is up for grabs to get creative with!!!

Personally I have about five billion Irken OCs and MOST of them would be considered “Sues” (that is such a restrictive bluh bluh term anyway) by rude people because they know canon characters or are important in their fields. But I love them! They fit into my headcanon universe perfectly and I refuse to change anything about them except to the extent that they grow and change themselves through things like RP!

And your Irkens are probably amazing too!! Please post about them!!


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