“But the thing where they changed the background on Door to Door on request but then Nick still aired the original version happened” Can you please tell me what this is referring to, if you know? I’m an IZ fan and know nothing of this.


oh, well!

this is what I heard, which may be apocryphal, so if anyone wants to correct me feel free. 

The episode Door to Door featured a scene of widespread destruction (as you do, in invader zim) and I believe the contentious thing in it was an image of the Statue of Liberty or some other iconically American thing being shown destroyed in the background somewhere. As is common in disaster movies, images of alien-caused devastation, etc.

Buuuut this particular episode aired soon after 9/11, so the scene was changed because (quite reasonably) Nickelodeon felt it might be disturbing to viewers at that time.

And if I’m understanding the story correctly, after these changes were requested and made, Nickeloden then mistakenly aired the unaltered version of the episode. Without the requested-and-made changes. 

At least that’s my understanding, KidK can correct me if I’m wrong i guess

Yes that’s how it went down, at least, according to Richard Horvitz, who briefly mentioned it at Connecticon in 2014.  I mean, Richard is a voice actor, but I assumed he knew what he was talking about, so.  I think I may have heard of other people corroborating the story (when Richard said it I remember nodding like I’d heard this before but I don’t remember where right now).  But yeah, according to that story it was an accident that the version with Lady Liberty was aired.

(The thing is I think I remember SEEING it with it being obviously New York, too.  I might have actually caught the episode on TV when it aired.  But that was such a long time ago that I may not be remembering correctly.)


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