Day two at the con was SO GOOD. We met so many amazing Undertale cosplayers and got asked for a ton of photos. Even some tiny children asked for pictures with us!! My heart!!

Anyway due to some accidental circumstances, Bast, Robby, and I sort of uh…impromptu ran part of an Undertale photoshoot… Until the people actually supposed to be running it came and took over and redid everything including more and different people. But some folks had to get going, so I feel like it’s okay we stepped up to start things because otherwise they wouldn’t have gotten to participate. But anyway we got some good photos at the shoot and also outside of it. I can’t say it enough, we met some of THE NICEST PEOPLE and had a wonderful time because of it!

Also we got! To meet! Jess Harnell!! And he was totally into all our cosplays and now Bast has been flirted with by two out of three Warner siblings haha. No but really, Jess was super nice and signed things and Bast got a picture and omg when I told him I used to be a host in the Kids’ WB! chatroom in the 90s he said “Didn’t we do a chat event there?!” and I was like “YES YOU DID so technically we’ve talked before but only online,” and he said “Well I’m so glad I get to meet you in person now!” WHY ARE VOICE ACTORS ALL SUCH PERFECT PEOPLE???

So in short we had an awesome day today. And even got some sweet art and merch! The con continues to be Very Good.

I was there when y’all were running the shoot aaaa I was so tired I diiiiied!! I was the mettaton with the trans flag aha

OMG we loved you and your cosplay was SO GOOD. I’m so glad you were part of the shoot. Because you were so nice and a perfect Mettaton. We were worried we were being too bossy but people were waiting around in high heels and heavy jackets and sweaters and stuff so we were like let’s help lol. (I was the Sans yelling countdown numbers, my gf Bast @purpledemoncat was the Frisk calling out characters and our friend Robby @officialrobbycoates was the Toriel who helped out too.)

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