replied to your post “Due to some badness with Bast getting sick, we won’t be able to make…”

Oh no! I hope she feels better!

We were worried it was an infection of some kind because it was situated in her chest and she was having breathing difficulties.  But she tells me that whatever was in her chest has broken up and that now stuff is more in her head like a regular cold.  So it still sucks, but seems like less suck now.

Still, we made the right choice to come home, so she can rest and take Nyquil.  She made the whole drive home safely and I am so proud. ❤

PS sort of unrelated sort of related, but Kat, we have a small thing to give you as a souvenir.  No, it is not a lung infection.  OR IS IT!?  (it’s not)  But, we will hopefully be sending it to you soon.  (it really isn’t an infection)


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