Day one at the con was fantastic. Everything went right according to plan with the hotel, and although we had to wait in line to pick up our badges, since we preordered the line was way better than it could have been.

We didn’t even know there would be a Homestuck photo shoot today, but overheard about it just as we arrived. So we were able to participate in our first con shoot ever!!! And there were lots of great cosplays and everyone looked awesome! And people were GLAD TO SEE US being Slick and Snowman, and lots of people at the shoot and inside the con dealers room asked us for pictures. Such nice folks, everyone we’ve met and struck up short conversations with has been sweet.

Not only that but we already got to hang out with Robby for a while and will get to do that more tomorrow which is really the main highlight of the con because isn’t that what cons are truly about? Seeing friends and challenging them to Dance Dance Revolution while dressed as mobsters and schoolgirls? I think that is the most important thing of all.

So hype to be Sans and Frisk tomorrow! Aaah!!!


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