With thanks to @justbadpuns for helping me realise my full potential as a serious artist.

Sans and Papyrus buy a looooot of milk. Having Frisk around also means they’ve ended up doubling what they usually buy.

store bunny’s gonna kick them out in a second. But she’ll let them come
back. They’re loud but they never actually break anything so they’re
rather harmless.

The Nice Cream Man is probably my absolute
favourite secondary character in the game. He’s so sweet it’s
ridiculous. He just came to buy some ingredients! D’:

I’d try and avoid having Frisk talk on camera, but there was no way for
this joke to work without having them say something. Sorry about that.
Hopefully it’s not too jarring.

I had to use 3 different fonts on
this thing and it physically pained me. That’s bad design, kids. Don’t
do that type of thing. Unless the characters you’re drawing talk in
font-specific text.

I’m not a 100% satisfied with the paneling
here. I wanted a closer zoom on the bros on the second beat but because
Papyrus is SO FRIGGEN TALL I had to keep it rather zoomed out to fit
both of them in frame. Despite this though, I’m rather happy with the
over-all results here. I’m really happy with a LOT of the posing here.

changed how I draw Papyrus by just a fraction and decided I could
loosen up with his expressions a bit. I’m happy with the results

it’s 4 in the morning and I’m going to bed now.

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