Replace jargon with clarity. Specialized jargon will often alienate a reader.

Sometimes, as writers, we mistake jargon with actual understanding of a topic to make our characters more convincing. It’s okay, too, to break down what a character is referring too. Make sure you keep these “teaching” moments brief and as sparing throughout – they can very quickly become condescending or unwieldy. 

Especially! In! Dialogue! 

I’ve seen a lot of Jargon Hodgepodge in various media that tries to establish a character as being knowledgeable about a subject (scientist characters are some of the worst offenders!) by making them spit out a bunch of words from the back of a high school biology textbook (that may or may not actually mean something together in that order). 

There’s a time and a place for jargon and $5 words, but living by the code of ‘small words, big ideas’ works everywhere else. 



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