It’s been freezing out the last couple nights so I’ve had all the plants indoors, and the “grape hyacinths” I’ve grown up from a pot of dirt started blooming.

I uh. I think somebody mislabelled the pot.

But I don’t care, I love my lovely pink plant pals! They smell really good too!

I hate mislabelled plants sometimes, but it’s nice when the difference isn’t one to complain about.

Yeah!  They’ve turned out really pretty–they’re the brightest pink hyacinths I’ve ever seen.  So I’m not at all disappointed that they didn’t turn out to be blue.  I wonder when the mislabeling happened, if it was the pot that was stuck with the wrong name or the bulbs themselves.  There were a LOT of pots of dirt to choose from–I have to wonder if ANY of them were grape hyacinths or if I just got the “lucky” one that turned out to be something else.  They’re doing really well, regardless; they’ve gotten so BIG.


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