Here’s the first masterpost of all the main character designs of Dungeontale!

  What’s Dungeontale?
Dungeontale is a fantasy RPG inspired AU of the game Undertale (by Toby Fox), with its own story and setting.

  What’s the plot?
Long story short,

monsters and humans live in frail peace on the surface. Asriel and Chara are very much alive and have almost reached adulthood, the Prince is well loved everywhere and acts as ambassador with Chara as his bodyguard. After a mission, the two of them disappear for a long time; on his return, Asriel is no more the same, his kindness replaced by hatred and sadism, turning him into a real tyrant. No trace of Chara is found.
Actually Asriel is now posessed by a demon called “Hyperdeath”, who
had previously resided within Chara, who now lies in a comatose state.
Both the Prince and the God are hunting Frisk, commonly known as the Herald of Determination, the former to find a way to cure his sibling and the latter to consume their soul to become almighty again.
To find them, Asriel shows no mercy, wiping out entire human villages. All the monsters are scared and confused by this sudden change in their beloved prince, except the King, who guessed the cause of what was happening.
Asgore knew that their only hope was to find a legendary, magical golden flower….

  What should we expect?
Fanarts, concept arts, comics and maybe some animations.
I created it to have in hand a project that will help me grow as an artist. 
Only time and imagination are my limits.

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