“The Ways That I Have Died”
[An Undertale Fan Parody of Train’s ‘50 Ways to Say Goodbye’]

I’d been working on this for a while, until my microphone died on me…but today, I got my NEW mic in the mail, and spent the next few hours finalizing THIS fun song! Enjoy!

@loverofpiggies I know you wanted me to let you know when this was done ^.^

ooc: Heya! I don’t go ooc all too much like this but guys! Check this out! Pixie-Stix here worked pretty hard on it and it’s amazing! 

AHHHH thanks! 😀 I just had tons of fun doing it, tbh

(Hehehe…Pixie-Stix xD)

Pssst everyone listen to this amazing song by my super amazing talented friend Pixie, its an Undertale parody song and her voice is GORGEOUS.

This is so good the lyrics are wonderful and so well sung!!


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