(Click on the pic for captions!)
A fun little seasonal AU me and @louisianartz​ come up with around christmas. Ladies and gentlemen, let us present to you A Caroltale AU, In which:
Mettaton: Ebenezer Scrooge 
Sans: Mr. Cratchit.
Burgerpants: Jacob Marley
Napstablook: Mettaton’s one and only family who is still there waiting.
Toriel and Pap: The Cratchit family.  
Frisk: Tiny Tim.
Grillby: Ghost of Christmas past.
Asgore: Ghost of Christmas present.
W.D Gaster: Ghost of Christmas yet to come.

Story: In a jolly christmas night, with the visit of 3 ghosts of christmas, Mettaton the fame lusting scourge, rediscovered the true meaning of christmas and a life of happiness. 

Had a lot of fun working on this with the very talented @louisianartz. Check her out if you have not!


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