One belligerent fat white guy…..
Chris Christie took a few hours out of his presidential campaign this weekend to do his job, which is rumored to be governor of New Jersey. Christie did spend some time in his home state over the weekend, but got right back to New Hampshire as soon as he could. That had one New Hampshire voter a little upset.
“Why are you here in New Hampshire campaigning instead of there helping, surveying the damages done by the coastal flooding from the storm?” asked a young woman, telling Christie she was asking on behalf of family and friends in New Jersey.
Christie, calm, shot back: “Well, because it’s already done. It’s already done.”
“Okay,” she responded, sheepishly.
Christie pressed further.
“Tell me why you think it isn’t?”
The questioner told Christie she has “friends (and) family calling and sending” her pictures and videos of flooded streets “all over the state.”
“Really?” Christie responded. “There’s been one county that’s flooded in the state—one county, that was Cape May County. That’s the one county that flooded, so I don’t know where from ‘all over the state,’ since we have 21 counties, where that’s happened.”
Christie went further: “Second, I don’t know what you want me to do, you want me to go down there with a mop?”
The contempt, the disdain, the obnoxiousness oozing from every pore of the bullying candidate—watch the video at the above link for the full effect—caused some awkwardness in the crowd. It should make them think twice about putting this guy in charge of the whole country.
New Jersey residents reflected on that, and were not amused. Jim Hand, owner of a bar and liquor store that sustained severe damage, said Christie’s flippant response “shows you how out of touch he is with what’s going on in his state.” Children’s clothing store owner Maggie Day concurred. “It’s not even help that I’m asking for. It’s just a little bit of compassion with a public leader on TV. You can’t pooh-pooh it publicly when you’re a leader.”
If you’re waiting for leadership—and especially compassion—from Christie, well, don’t hold your breath.


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