Discworld – Zero to Hero by tealpirate

‘Rincewind is a wizard who can’t spell. Magic ability is measured in levels. Most normal people have a level of zero – Rincewind doesn’t score that high. Rincewind is also an expert in languages. He can scream for mercy in nineteen languages and just scream in another forty four.’

After the news of Sir Pratchett’s death, I felt that I had to re make my Rincewind costume. Terry Pratchett broke all of the rules of fantasy; taking all of the well known elements of fiction writing, shoving them in a blender and then describing the mashed up contents. He was more than a couple of witty one liners, he showed that magic wasn’t always the most reliable solution and that anyone can be a hero. I know that his fans will help keep his beautiful spirit alive, because bright flames like that do not die out so easily.  Here is my little contribution.”    



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