Helpful to remember when you’re having a POTS spell. The squat can be done assisted by a wall or chair. Adjust as needed.

Squats tend to do the opposite of help me but the leg crossing one has been helpful!!

I don’t know what POTS is but maybe this will help someone

POTS is short for postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome!

it’s a condition in which standing up causes things like dizzy spells / greyed vision / collapsing / weakness / fainting / difficulty breathing, etc.
mostly because of bad circulation and low blood pressure.

If standing up makes your head rush, then doing the above should help!


Holy freaking crap. I have NEVER seen a POTS resources post, I don’t think, and definitely not in cute comic form. (It’s a super rare, obscure thing so there’s just not much help out there.) And yes, it really sucks. Thank you so much!


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