A Couple Notes From the Resident Old Person Blogstress

FIRST:  You guys can feel free to use the screencaps on this blog for pretty much anything you like.  Since I don’t own Storm Hawks and haven’t really done anything to alter or add to these caps, I don’t feel like I have any ‘ownership’ of them in the sense that you’d be ‘stealing’ from me if you use them.  In fact, I LOVE seeing my screencaps used for other people’s posts about, for example, how great a particular character is or how awesome Storm Hawks is in general.  The only couple things I would ask you to please not do:

  • Actively claim my caps are yours.  You don’t have to credit me in a post where you use ’em, but please don’t say you took them yourself!  While as I said I don’t feel like I ‘own’ them in any strong sense, it did take me a while to collect all these pictures and I think I did a pretty good job of it!  (Especially the ones where I caught weird faces.  I am proud of those, haha.)
  • Take my commentary off FYSHS posts to make it look like you made those posts.  This is kind of rude to do to anybody!  I haven’t really noticed anybody doing this (because my FYSHS peeps are all cool cats) so I’m just saying this as a precaution.

And that’s all!  Other than that, please use my caps to your hearts’ content.

SECOND:  I know I said this many months ago when I raised this blog from the dead, but there are more of you rad followers now so I’ll say it again.  I have the askbox on FYSHS closed because I’m not taking screencap requests anymore.  My goal is to post all of the caps I’ve already taken (there are hundreds left), but I don’t plan on taking any more at this time.  So, I closed the askbox to requests because I don’t want to disappoint any specific person by saying no, while saying yes to other people!  Trust me, I have some caps of pretty much every major character in the series and some of the background ones, too.  So you’ll probably see your favorites if you wait just a bit!

AND THIRD:  Thank you so much for following FYSHS!  When I started this blog I was pretty sure there were maybe ten people on Tumblr who’d be interested in such a thing, tops.  But there are now 340 of you, and I couldn’t be happier to share my obsessive screengrabbing habit with you all.

Hope you are all having a good day today, and please keep enjoying FYSHS!


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