I really liked how when Cyclonis did her strongest Binding with the Dark Ace, their auras were different colors, but Piper and Aerrow were the same.  It really highlighted how the latter relationship was one of mutual friendship and respect whereas the former was much more unbalanced and fractious especially toward the end.  (And I mean…the way said relationship ended, haha, proved that once and for all, but…)  It was a nice touch, I thought, that the Dark Ace had a different color from Cyclonis that more reflected his themes while Aerrow took on the same color as Piper.  Or it may even be that they would’ve been the same color all along, or Piper is blue because Aerrow is…since Aerrow’s Sky Knight moves are associated with blue and the Binding was ‘working both ways’ with them…  Bottom line is, Aerrow and Piper are a way better match on a deep level and it was cool that this was shown this way.


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