Funny, Aerrow, that was my face when you guys traded in the Condor in the first place.

(Unpopular Opinion: The kids were being kind of unfair to the Colonel.  They traded their ship for a legendary piece of shit, but that wasn’t his fault.  And he bought it off the lot.  He didn’t steal it from them, or from the ship dealer, it doesn’t seem like he swindled anyone…  The salesman said he was reluctant to sell and may have been threatened, but there’s no indication that a fair price wasn’t paid and it was on the lot as merchandise.  So…why are the Storm Hawks acting like the Colonel is being a dastardly fiend JUST for HAVING the Condor and not wanting to give it back?  Being upset by his treatment of it is understandable, but…  Stork is the only one with a legit axe to grind in this episode.  XD;)


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